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Do you find yourself squinting while driving to read road signs from a distance? Could your child’s grades be slipping due to trouble seeing the board at school? Do you get headaches when you work on your office computer for too long?
When it is good, our eyesight is easy to take for granted. We enjoy looking at the world around us, and our vision is also a big part of the learning process. That is why regular eye examinations are a must for everyone from early childhood through the rest of our lives. A large portion of the population requires corrective eyewear to see things clearly.

That is where Crystal Vision Center comes in.

Crystal Vision Center in Chicago, IL is the practice of licensed optometrist Dr. John A. Shermulis. We are fully insured and our caring team is dedicated to providing you with top-level eye care. Patients here are treated with the utmost care and respect. For your convenience, we also feature an eyewear boutique on site.

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Crystal Vision Center
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